1. A male who looks and/or acts very sexy.

2. A male with soft light brown hair

3. A male who can easily get females; often without even trying.

4. A loud or obnoxious male; often full of pride

5. A male who takes risks anything to get a laugh.

Dating way back to January, 2014, the name Moe was adopted by an older teen, named Moe Mcflapper, under pseudonym, who's real name sounded similar to it, was originally taken from Moe Szyslak of The Simpsons. He then developed a distinct personality that made his name easy for people to remember and easy for people to say, which could be said with just a slight tuck of the lips, and a loud "oh" (as he is always getting yelled at).
1. "Don't be such a Moe!"

2. "Earlier, he was Moeing with these girls."

3. "He looks so Moe"
by Moe Mcflapper August 29, 2014
MOE!: Nickname for a Pittsburgh based swing band, established in 1988 by Jimmy Sapienza, playing eastern United States. With all due respect to the moe. band out of NY State. (and they DO rock!) However. This is another band inspired by and named for the Louis Jordan song entitled "Five Guys Named Moe". This band is officially called, Jimmy Sapienza's Five Guys Named MOE (TM). Singer/Songwriter and Front man, Sapienza, is backed by gifted, blind, jazz men. These guys communicate via Radar! World class performers, all. MOE repertoire includes several Louis Jordan songs, plus Louie Prima, Satchmo Armstrong, Sinatra, Martin, and Tony Bennett covers. Sapienza Originals ie: "I Love Pittsburgh" (see this video on youtube), "Short Brunettes" "Critical Condition" 'n' MOE great tunes round out their sets.. MOE is a Cocktail Nation type swing dance band that is tight as a gnats bum streched over a 50 gallon drum! They appear "loose" and "at ease" playing all types of venues.
Wow! That MOE band is as tight as a gnats bum streched over a 50 gallon drum! Go MOE!


Tell everybody, Check out MOE!
We got a dollar forty seven, that we're gonna throw! Now, don't you play us for no chumps that's cheap. 'Cause we got 90 cents MOE that we're gonna keep!!!


Hey Flo and Joe! Let's go see MOE! They put on a fun show!


There's a Pittsburgh band with only Four Guys that call themselves Jimmy Sapienza's Five Guys Named MOE! But you all, for short, just call 'em MOE!
by MOEinfo:) January 27, 2010
Me Over Everything
If I say I'm better than 50 his fans gonna complain
If I say I'm better than Wayne his fans will do the same
I don't wanna ruffle feathers so maybe I should explain
Maybe it's M.O.E. - Me over Everything
by JSwitty October 29, 2009
"To sexually assault someone of a far younger age, Thus making yourself a pedophile"
Person1: "Did you hear what he did?"
Person2: "Yeah, he moe'd her right?"
News: "Today a victim was moe'd in grand central station with Three whisky bottles. no suspects have been apprehended"
by [N][Nate] November 04, 2013
money over everybody
A man get money fuck bitches.

Na dog m.o.e money over everybody
by Soulja Reema January 11, 2010
acronym for Missing On Earth...another way of saying you're high off Pot..
The other day after smoking two blunts I was MOE.
by igivebecky December 24, 2009
A not-nice ogre with chickpea breath.
Moe, for one your breath always smells of moldy chickpeas. And you are the ugliest member of our family. Like an ogre with chickpea breath. You're not nice either.
by Dozens86 June 05, 2009

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