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to kiss someone you really dont like, or have no feelings for.

He/she means nothing
I modged your one last night she was rotten
by awildemcw November 11, 2009
solid excretion from genitals
could refer to "nob cheese" or vaginal "hair balls" or similar products

can also be used to express disgust or as an insult
"i can't piss cause i got a build up of modge"

"her face looks like modge"
by arabian monkey-penguin March 11, 2009
a short fat ugly woman
A: "gross, look at that modge pigging out in front of that llama"
B: "i know..i sure wish i spoke a few words of french."
by rekksta January 27, 2004
A vigorous rubbing and massaging of the face using tips of fingers, either by yourself or by another
I gave myself a good modge this morning and pow, the hangover was gone
by Jimmy_Fingers June 01, 2009

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