Term first used in the 60's To describe anyone who rides Vespa/Lambretta/Piaggio scooters
But today describes a Modern fashion victim, kind of nerdy metrosexual who is Deeply influenced by
the 1960's music,style and attitudes.Often found at Scooter Rallies, coffie shops.
Don't be suprised if they listen to radio head, weazer, or Oasis...
I just saw some fucking MOD kid run over an old ladies foot with his Vespa at the local starbucks...\
What a dick...
by Mike April 14, 2005
a fashionable hard poof
my cousins mate
by amy February 27, 2004
A clan on the Online Shooter Soldier Front. Be warned, we're a fast rising group who will kick down as many asses as possible, ( via clan battles ), on the way to number one.

Also search Elite, Superior, and juggernaut
The Basis of the Mod Clan
Rotceh is a great leader.. He likes to kick asses
Virgo likes to smoke weed.. BUt he will kick your ass
XYZ.. He'll kick your ass too
I would continue but you get the point

As for You? You sit there and get Owned
by VC26 January 18, 2008
To modify something. Usually refering to to the technically inclined
I gonna preform a case mod so I have a tricked out computer.
by Xyrus December 05, 2003
A 'Mod' is a name given to emo kids that don't wish to accept their true emo ethnic origin.
"Look at that big .TOWn. hes such a mod!"
"Yeah, bet he loves poetry and tears"
by jonathon doherty April 17, 2005
Gay, likes chrome and mirrors. dresses sharply but likes to preen on the go.
I wouldn't ride a scooter like that unless I was a Mod.
by Andy September 08, 2004
Anal fashion victim who thinks he's living in 1962. Easily identified by his smart suits, shiny shoes, parka and blood pouring from head.
That mod needs to get himself into the 21st century.
by FB November 26, 2003

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