The opposite of a chomo.
A molester child; a minor who preys on older men.

Cindy is going out with that old guy again. She hasn't even graduated from high school! What a mocho.
by Calypso Hesper December 03, 2007
Top Definition
A very cool dude who is great to kno. Very very funny indeed. Cracks good jokes i guess. Mocho!
hey mocho hows it hangin?
by Anon February 09, 2005
somebody that never changes their name, but does add other bits to it.
a well-bred, well-dressed gentleman, polite and well-spoken. always listening to something, so if your talkin and he seems a bit distant..its coz hes bloody BEING IGNORANT (aka. listnin moosic). a mocho always watches the following: Little Britain, Max And Paddy.., Bo Selecta
eyyyyyy wat a mocho
alriiiiiiiiiiiiite MOCHO
by anon January 08, 2005
Since people use m8 in replacement for mate, I thought why not say mocho since ocho is eight in spanish. :)
Mocho = m8 = mate
by Ryan Allderdice August 07, 2012
superheroe, that lives near the valencia sambil, that goes on a skate, and has only one hand, his superpowers, are: "asking limosna, at an incredible high speed", "coñeazear a los carros, with his ultra strenght"
"mierda marico, ese mocho es un mamaguevo, viste todo el rial ke pide en un dia???", "mochooooo, mochoooooooouugh", "verga ese mocho cerca del sambil pobrecito", "marico se parece a nightcrawler won!!"
by Pedro January 20, 2005
The opposite of a chomo.

A minor who preys on older men.
Cindy is going out with that old guy again; she's such a mocho!
by Calypso Hesper November 07, 2007
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