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An extremely white town near Los Angeles where there is absolutely no crime and good weather. Rich as hell and hot babes. Most of the kids go to college of the canyons for like 7 years because their parents support them.

The best place to find good weed...period.
Dude, let's go down to valencia and bum some weed off the rich kids.
by valencia2005 October 13, 2005
very curvy, beautiful girl. she has a tendency to be really insecure, but is very silly and a playful person to be around. most gorgeous eyes you could forever get lost in. her desire is to make everyone else happy before she does herself. doesn't party a lot but when she does, watch out ! she will be the life of it. great girl to have long conversations with or to be with in times of need. is crazy in bed, likes it rough, almost up for anything. can be mostly exotic and mysterious. has a huge butt and even bigger personality to match. cant find any other girl like her.
I need a Valencia right now
by Anntonio_suavee February 17, 2013
Mostly white town outside out Los Angeles, full of huge expensive houses that all look the same. Most of the (young) wives have had some variation of plastic surgery to look good for their successful (older) husbands. Anyone over the age of 12 has at one point done drugs in an attempt to kill the mind numbing boredom and monotony. If anyone is perceived as even remotely unique they are immediately alienated by their peer group, because of the innate conformist nature. 75% of the population is on a prescribed medication, and the other 25% is either suicidal or fascist.

" Who wants to go do shrooms in the wash?"
" Definitely. I'll bring the oxycotin."
by lira October 29, 2007
An alternative rock band that hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band consists of Shane Henderson, JD Perry, George Ciukurescu, Brendan Walter, and Max Soria. They released This Could Be A Possibility in 2005 under I Surrender Records. In 2008, We All Need A Reason to Believe, their second full length, was released under Columbia Records. They are an awesome band that are a bit too underrated.
Valencia is rad!
by ckwasalreadytaken June 27, 2009

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