Derived from the phone service 'Virgin Mobile', used in the place of the word 'Virgin' in awkward situations. The opposite being 'immobile'.
"Patty, are...are"
"Well, actually, I had intercourse with Tom."
"So, I guess you're immobile then."
by Geena-ish January 30, 2006
The shittiest band to ever come from Canada, and lots of shitty bands come from Canada. They have terrible songs and their lead singer dances like a fucking guido.
Joe: "I want to just go up on stage while that stupid Mobile bastard is singing and dancing his gay dance and punch him a clean shot right in the jaw."

Mitch: "Oh yeah!"

Joe: "I want to see his jaw actually rip free of his head."

Mitch: "I guess that would be cool."
by Riverboy June 09, 2006
a city in lower alabama between florida and new orleans. alabama's 2nd largest city, area code 251. homeplace of no money records and rednecks. see hell.
going to mobile
by the devil July 13, 2003
Term used by amateur radio operators to denote that the operator is driving in the car. When operating morse code, amateur operators send an abreviated "/M", which comes out sounding exactly like "shave and a haircut, three bits."
kr9uz de nz4fk/m. just slammed into a parked car. must stop transmitting code from the /m. sk kr8uz de nz4fk k
by a pseudonym April 06, 2004
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