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5 definitions by Lay

Hairy wicked, excellent, good times for all.
Wow, that fireworks display was Mob-fur!!!
by Lay November 08, 2003
1 0
crackhead, a drunk
you're such a buibob
by Lay June 01, 2004
5 5
To have Sexual Intercourse quickly,
late on a friday night, after heavily drinking i went back to her house for a yinnin.
by Lay November 08, 2003
0 1
A moojer is a word that skaters from NC made up to substitute for curse words such as, ass hole, bitch, and things like that
You stupid MOOJER!!

I hate that stupid Moojer
by Lay January 20, 2005
2 7
Wow, that concert was so mob, i can hardly contain myself.
by Lay November 08, 2003
2 14