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motherfucker = mofucker = mofo = moaf
"you'll probably be all over ayla the whole time, you moaf"
by tkash September 30, 2007
24 8
When you're too lazy to say mo fo.
Dude, I' a...moaf.
by Headless4skin May 04, 2011
5 1
mother of all farts, the absolute smellist thing on the face of the earth, the smelliest smell that can come from a persons butt
Sara let off a moaf that emptied the office.
by Mr. BMF April 22, 2008
11 7
n.- vicious oafish counterpart to Bloaf
alt. mowgli,oaf,captain corpulent
1.i)Woah Bloaf and Moaf have turned on eachother.
ii)What a Bloaf/Moaf.
by Tom (Welsh) January 18, 2005
9 8
Moaf is the bubbles at the top of pop when you pour it in a glass and you drink the bubbles. Those bubles are Moaf. (Foam backwards)
"Dang, i love me some moaf"
" I hate Moaf. the worst part of pop."
by MissCaraJane March 11, 2009
1 6
Stands for "Mother Of Ass Fuck" used as a replacement for mofo
"Omg your such a moaf"
"Queer off you moaf"
"I wish my woman was a bigger moaf"
"She banged like a moaf"
by mimiC April 27, 2004
6 11
n. Army slang for a black soldier because of his purported use of "mother fuckin'" before most nouns in a sentence.
Sergeant, get those moafs off their bunks and police around the baracks.
by ô¿ô August 06, 2006
7 17