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motherfucker = mofucker = mofo = moaf
"you'll probably be all over ayla the whole time, you moaf"
by tkash September 30, 2007
mother of all farts, the absolute smellist thing on the face of the earth, the smelliest smell that can come from a persons butt
Sara let off a moaf that emptied the office.
by Mr. BMF April 22, 2008
n.- vicious oafish counterpart to Bloaf
alt. mowgli,oaf,captain corpulent
1.i)Woah Bloaf and Moaf have turned on eachother.
ii)What a Bloaf/Moaf.
by Tom (Welsh) January 18, 2005
Moaf is the bubbles at the top of pop when you pour it in a glass and you drink the bubbles. Those bubles are Moaf. (Foam backwards)
"Dang, i love me some moaf"
" I hate Moaf. the worst part of pop."
by MissCaraJane March 11, 2009
Stands for "Mother Of Ass Fuck" used as a replacement for mofo
"Omg your such a moaf"
"Queer off you moaf"
"I wish my woman was a bigger moaf"
"She banged like a moaf"
by mimiC April 27, 2004
n. Army slang for a black soldier because of his purported use of "mother fuckin'" before most nouns in a sentence.
Sergeant, get those moafs off their bunks and police around the baracks.
by ô¿ô August 06, 2006
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