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The act of hugging, squeezing or smothering something that is overly cute and/or cuddly. (What the abominable snowman did to "George" Daffy Duck in "The Abominable Snow Rabbit" Looney Tunes cartoon).
"That kitten was so cute I gweegled it to death."
by Headless4skin October 09, 2007
To have the urge to hug, squeeze and smother something because of its extreme cuteness. The feeling one gets when seeing something that is so adorable or do something so adorable that they can't stand it and have to crush it with affection.
"Sorry. Your kitten was so cute and made me so gweegly that I couldn't help but squeeze it. I'll try to find you another one."
by Headless4skin October 09, 2007
When you're too lazy to say mo fo.
Dude, I'm...stoned...like a...moaf.
by Headless4skin May 04, 2011

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