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Making me blush
Sally: Jessie you're so beautiful!

Jessie: Aww, stop it you're mmb. :)
by MsFabulous November 13, 2011
middle mouse-button
anon1:how do you scroll really fast

anon2: just click the mmb and pull the cursor down
by convictedshadow April 09, 2012
From the Australian mockumentary "Angry Boys" the Mucca Mad Boys (MMB) are a surfing gang founded by Blake Oakfield, the greatest surfing legend ever.
"Mucca Mucca Mucca (MMB)"
by Mokewr March 27, 2013
its short for mail me bak its a different way rather than sayin wb write bak wen u r sendin sum1 an email
hi how r ya? wuu2? mmb
by lil nomes March 31, 2006
MMB (noun): Moshi Moshi Bum

A word originating from Sydney in 2003, MMB is derived from a combination of the japanese word for hello and the word, 'bum'.
MMB soon evolved to be a nickname that was used as a fond term for the person it was addressed to. MMB has great sentimental value for the two friends who started it and it was to be the word that would initiate years of great memories.
Usage of the term was frequent in emails and xanga comment boxes.
"What's up MMB? ^^"
"MMB sucks"
by Limegirl June 18, 2006
My MAIN B**** . Used to describe a female who is your number one.
I love that girl... MMB for life!!!
by Mrs. D Jones May 15, 2015
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