ML= Miller Lite
BL=Bud Light
DP=Diet Pepsi
DC=Diet Coke
DRB=Dient Rootbeer
SM=Sierra Mist
MD=Mt. Dew
DMD=Diet Mt. Dew
Abbreviations for popular beverages.
"Get me an ML please."
by Gar & Liane January 20, 2008
Top Definition
"mind laughing"
abbreviation used mainly in instant messaging to express laughter to oneself. similar to lol, but without actually producing sound.
(online chat)

LaBrandon: That's wack!!!! haha
Miguel: ml
by Hugh Mungus 69 May 14, 2009
something beyond adorable. the greatest thing you have ever seen. when you're out of words for descriing something that is truly magnificent.
Jonfran: Whoa check out that brunette, she's M.L.
Demetrius: Yea she is but wasn't she a blonde before?
Jonfran: But before that she had brown hair so shes back to her natural hair coulour.... so she's a brunette.
by etran March 12, 2008
An abbreviation of milliliter.
This Coke bottle is 591mL.
Abbreviation for: Much Love
I thought your report was wonderful!!!

by Domnk February 13, 2010
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