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Stake and Shake after 2 a.m, and after a long hard night of drinking.
A.S: Lets go to Stale and Shake.
A.K: Don't you mean Steak and Shake?
A.S: Noo I mean Stale and Shake.
by taas July 10, 2008
One night 5 drunk kids go to Stale and Shake. One drunk kid claims that a tamato is a veggetable. He starts a fight with an old man at the other table whose claiming it to be a fruit. Another drunk jumps in and claims it is a fruitabble. And from there on the term fruitabble was born.
Girl 1: Andrew almost got his drunken ass beat for arguing that a tomato was a vegetable.
Girl 2: Ugh I know he is such a fruitabble.
by taas July 10, 2008
JAAK is the male version of TAAS. They are and will never be as great as them though.
Lets go to club TAAS and get JAAKed up.
by taas July 10, 2008
minor dater. One who dates someone under the age of 18.
Joey is a md.
by taas July 10, 2008
double trouble
Uh oh dt just came here, we better put on boyfriends on a leash.
by taas July 10, 2008
Do work. Should not be confused with do work son. Do work is more then just a saying but a way of life.
by taas July 10, 2008
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