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a Gangster name known around the world, if you ever meet one, you won't forget it.
someone:Yo Mitesh
Mitesh: Yea
Someone: you are such a gangster!
by Mitssssss October 21, 2007
86 37
1. Biceps
2. Big guns
3. Hugeness
4. Buffness (particularly in relation to biceps)
5. a Tank

and lastly,
6. an alpha-male whose means of resolving disputes are generally summarised into short, succint sentences that involve the use of brutal force upon the offending party.
1. Mate, Arnold Schwarzenegger could sure do with a larger pair of mitesh's!

2. Guy 1: "Woah duuuuuude check out Mitesh's miteshes!!!"
Guy 2: "woaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
Girl 1: *Drools*

3. Mitesh: "Gotta tutor some faggots in bentleigh today after uni, should fucken smash 'em instead."
by Mitesh's not so secret admirer November 03, 2007
78 33
A boss or senior co-worker who does a lot of Miteshing.
man1: Jeez, my boss never gets off my back! He's such a Mitesh!
by unknown_male_486645 June 24, 2011
11 5