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The only female rapper who doesn't rely strictly upon her body to sell records. Intelligent, creative, and in posession of a mind of her own.
"Missy Elliott isn't a shit-spewing woman-bot."
by Raewyn June 05, 2004
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The only female rapper that doesn't have to run around naked to sell records. Waaaay less freaky looking now that she lost some weight. Probably the most creative rapper even out there now.
Missy Elliott's song "Work It" is always on MTV2.

Black, white, Puerto Rican, Chinese boys...

Mmmm.... Chinese boys....
by crayzee biiiiitch November 23, 2003
The only female rapper who doesn't have to be half-naked for her records to sell.
Karen O and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Dave Grohl are Missy Elliott fans.
by Sarah Jane October 30, 2003
The best female rapper ever.
She started in Sistas, now is on her own, doin' the best thang ever. Missy's the only female artist that doesn't hav to run around half naked to do some good shit.
Now she's got her own brand
Adidas + Missy = Respect M.E.
I really lov her clothes.
She's talented, yeeah, gifted n' her uppercut will get ya'll lifted!
Huh, so hate her, haters,
she doesn't give a f*ck bout that, cuz Missy's da shiznit
Love ya, God bless,
good nite.
Missy be the name and yall should already know
I've been around long and Scarface so cold
Shimmy shimmy ya shimmy ya shi ya
Let me grab the microphone and I'ma take it away

Missy Elliott rulez the streetz
by cargey May 06, 2007
The misspelling of Missy Elliot
A)Yo, look at that, it's Missy Elliott!
B)It's Missy Elliot, you fucktard v.v
by De Masta Spella January 07, 2007
the worst rapper on the face of the earth she is ugly not talented and she should just go away... if she was on a plane and it crashed i would be happy... fuck missy elliot
Missy Elliot was in a plane with Jared from subway and it went down today..."Wow thats awesome, lets have a party"
by kinger splash February 07, 2005
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