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a face. looking downward. to show sadness.
person1: did you get it? did you get it?!
person2: No..
person1: oh...v.v
by oOSomeoneOo July 22, 2008
Pussy, vagina
her vv was all good man
by ToppDogg June 06, 2003
What happens when the oh-so-happy user of ^.^ gets down/depressed.
Girl- OMG I love you ^.^
Guy- I know.. But i can't say the same.
Girl- v.v
by D-theman August 25, 2008
Acronym for 'very very'.
1) I was vv pleased with the t shirt from ebay.

2) I would be vv much appreciative if you'd fuck off.
by Samwell June 01, 2005
when using an online method of meeting, this term means "voice verify", to make sure the person is really who they say they are.
"If you're serious, vv is a must before meeting."
by sexyfemme February 19, 2010
A Violante Virgin, were one is a virgin and has never had sex but knows so much about it and talks about sex and how you want to have it.
Lacey you are such a VV.
by Crystal4500 November 03, 2011
v v
pronounced "vee-vee"; an abbreviation for "very, very"
- did you see the show last night?
- yes, it was v v good!!
by cucusa July 23, 2008
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