Person 1: "Ugh, i ate too much"

Person 2: "yeah you look a little Misha"
by BBD1 February 13, 2013
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Misha is a Russian nick-name for Mikhail. It also means little bear or a teddy bear. "Misha the Bear" was the official mascot of the 1980 Moscow olympics.
Misha is short for Michael.
by MG75 May 01, 2006
Misha is an Amazing, inspring Character. She possesses faultless Beauty and a truely electrifying personality. She touches the lives of every single person she comes in to contact with. She can only be described as some sort of exquisite gift. Anyone that has such Misha in their lives experiences a dreamlike, whimsical state when she comes around due to her pure perfection.
"wow this girl must be a misha, she's the definition of perfection"

"yumm yumm ... hubba hubbaa "

"I am in need of a Misha, and will search far and wide for one"
by MPGC January 09, 2011
1. name of russian orgin
2. very caring, loving and loyal
3. very interested in others and interesting to otheres
4. often dangerous at driving
5. the energy to a social circle
6. can have conflics with people eding in fox slapping
"who is that?"
"its the amazing Misha of cource!"
"oh no shes in a car!"
by thebiohazardcreation December 01, 2009
- I russian name meaning michael. - A misha is one who defines the word man , likes drinking, eating, fighting and sex. A Misha is someone that all girls wanna be with and all guys are jelous of because of his extremely large penis size. Often performs great in bed
look at him hes such a player hes getting all the girls! and hes never lost a fight!! hes definately a misha.
by womeninmybed28 June 24, 2010
misha is the most beautiful GIRL ever, she is so sexy and resembles all tht is lovely and her ass is grabable and she is just great :D *smiles*
she also in enjoys sex with hot strangers :D
dude 1 says- wow, wats that!?!?!
dude 2 says- its a misha
dude 1&2 say- wooow!! :D
by bong boy April 11, 2005
For anyone who might not be familiar with the term MISHA, it was coined by author Barry Eisler. The term began as a joke. It's an acronym that stands for "the Marital Infidelity Safe Harbour Act". Essentially it`s a list of no more than 5 people whom you have lusted after for so long or so strongly that if the opportunity ever arrose to have a roll in the hay with them, your significant other couldn`t object....They have to give you a pass this one time, because the person in question is on your list.

There are only two rules. 1) No more than 5 on the list at any one time. If you want to add a 6th, you`re gonna have to bump someone else off the list. 2) You can`t put people you actually know on the list. Your wife probably wouldn`t stress out knowing that you lust over Catherine Zeta Jones......She will get upset hearing you say that you lust after your kid`s piano teacher or the cute cashier at the market.
For example my MISHA list might include:

1. Brad Pitt
2. Gerard Butler
3. Terrence Howard
4. Matthew MacFadyen
5. Chris Daughtry

If I felt the need to add, say, Alan Rickman, I would have to boot someone off the existing list since there can be only 5 people max.
by Ekatarina October 05, 2010

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