Noun: A Russian word meaning "Man who fights like a girl".
"Vladimir, did you see how fast that guy fell? What a Misha!"
"Yes Dimitri I did. And I have a confession to make - I find him strangely attractive."
by Dishyc April 09, 2010
A person that is Russian, but is also white. Likes to say "Shizzle" and "AH get away from my house!"
"Total Anal Destruction!!"
by Spencer B. April 25, 2005
A lil girl who thinks her sister is Jabba the Hutt, she hates her family and she luffs her dogs and her piggy Octopus!
"Misha is so cool!"
by Tim February 09, 2004
Misha is a guy name all you fuckers who name your kids michelle I hope you rott in hell for naming your kid michael and cursing her to become completley retarted for eternity....
Misha has always been originally a guys name. Why do women take everything? Misha is short for meesh
by meesh December 26, 2004
10 seconds(it takes at least three minutes to count as real sex)
Susie "So how was last night?"
Sally "Horrible my boyfriend pulled a Misha?"
Susie "You poor thing...does this mean hes' still a virgin?"
by owlbear April 11, 2008

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