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Minor In Possession. Specific state laws dictating punishment for a minor found possessing alcohol, marijuana, or other controlled substances. Generally a light misdemeanor; in Michigan, for example, the maximum punishment for an MIP conviction is a $100 fine.

Note that the legal definition of "in possession" can at times include "under influence;" for example, the Michigan MIP law allows for a legally drunk minor to be charged with possession. This amendment was intended to close a loophole related to drinking in Canada; in previous cases, defendants had argued that drinking in Canada did not constitute possession in Michigan.
My friend had a dime bag in his glove box, and when he got pulled over they slapped him with a MIP.
by progamer124 October 10, 2003
MIP is short got Minor In Possesion
(weed, alcohol, etc..)
I got a MIP when that pig found a 20 sac on me.
by Whito October 10, 2003
stands for Minor in Possesion. a citation given to minors found to be in possesion of alcohol.
"i was floating the guadalupe on saturday and some cop gave me an MIP."
#mic #drunk #ticket #buzzed #minor
by tdm duh February 15, 2007
1. Minor in Possesion
2. Something you can't graduate college without
"Dude, I just got my 3rd M.I.P.! If I get one more I get a free brethalyzer!"
#m.i.p #college #drinking #arrests #cops
by ugafrat January 04, 2007
An Acronym For "Meaningless Indication of Processor Speed"
Your Computer has 3 more MIPS than mine...
#mips #acronym #meaningless #indication #processor #speed
by MRsneezy November 11, 2007
Unusually large male hips. Man hips. See related "moobs."
n. "That man's got back; he's got some mips on him!"
#moobs #hips #man boobs #junk #back
by mlle February 16, 2007
Masturbating in Public.

I minor offense close to nudity in public.
-Dude, I got an MIP.
-You're a sick motherfucker.
#jack off #masturbating #nudity #law #offense.
by ICrusifiedHell April 12, 2011
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