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To Steal
"Dude! I got a five finger discount on those womens underwear!"
by Element March 23, 2003
Quite simply, bumboclaat means toilet paper. Bumbo means bottom, claat is the Jamaican pronounciation of cloth. Very mild swear word, but in Jamaica, where swearing is a very serious thing, a few 'rebels' managed to get away with bumboclaat...and it caught on.

Used for emphasis or exclamation mainly:
Dat bumboclaat policebwoy arrest mi fi nutt'n!

A weh di bumboclaat wrong wid yuh?

Bumboclaat, she have a big bloodclaat batty
by Element February 22, 2004
In Korean, "choding" refers to "elementary school kid".

When it's used for someone who isn't a kid (teenager, grown-up,...), it means that this person is childish and acts like a kid.
This guy acts like a little kid, he is really a Choding !
by eLement August 27, 2013
Mad ghetto wear, a clothing company
"Dawg that ecko tight"
by Element February 20, 2003
Chi-Rish meaning a hybrid between a chinese and an irish person.
CLIFF! Clifford Chung is a chirish person
by Element June 30, 2004
Raging furmonster; his lust for life is never quenched by the situation at hand.
"Guys; I think BuffDaddy's life is cock. :("
by element August 17, 2004
A member of the clan LCD(Leading Cause of Death). Quit Digital Demise to join LCD. Widely known as a Counter Strike hacker.
PoisonBagels: im gona go paly cs now and poon sum noobs wit my uber hax bbl
by ELeMeNT November 21, 2004
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