To post on an Internet forum under two or more different handles and identities, each with different alleged biographical details and claiming to be real.
Did you notice how much "Morpheus83" sounds like "HotChick161"? I bet someone's mipping.
by Donnie Benkler August 29, 2003
A mip is a peculiar looking character that is for some reason strange, and off beat to your observations.
:Man look at him, what a mip.
:Yea your right he is pretty fucking weird looking.
by Gilfilian April 15, 2003
Mip is the male version of a nip, where as when a woman, most likely a celebrity, has a nip slip, a guy would have a mip slip. Usually occurs with guys that like to wear open shirts or fishnet shirts.
"Hey, check out the flamer with the fishnet shirt. He just had a mip slip, and he doesn't even know it."
by ACATER June 30, 2006
Term used when a person has their eyes set on a specific person in which they want to mack. A MIP often means that everyone else should back off from progressing to Mack the girl.
Person A: You that girl is my MIP.
Person B: Werd? Alright I'll try to get you in good with her.
by Josh Impact March 05, 2006
Meaning Muthafucking dumbass and stupid with no feeling for others
Mentally Impaired Prick
by Kingy March 11, 2004
Masturbation In Process
"Sorry Mip Hold On"....What We're You Doing? Miping....Ok
by Reaper June 16, 2006
n., an acronym for 'mullet in progress'; a discreet method of mullet identification in public.
As you and your friend stop into the local convienience store for a slushie, you spot a tall, white and trashy gentleman sporting what appears to be a mullet. To notify your friend, without making it obvoious your making fun of the mullet, a quick 'mip' and a hand signal will let them know where to look to see the WT.
by Ms. Roxx January 02, 2004

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