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mip (v) for any act of oral sex. mip was made popular in chicago public highschools such as Jones College Prep in the 02-03 school year.

However, mip is also often used as a meaningless buzzword (i.e. cool, hey, etc)
"what u been up to?"
"got some mip"


"been mippin'"

*somebody does something stupid/funny*
then yell "mip!"
by Curtis June 09, 2004
10 31
A mip is a peculiar looking character that is for some reason strange, and off beat to your observations.
:Man look at him, what a mip.
:Yea your right he is pretty fucking weird looking.
by Gilfilian April 15, 2003
2 23
Mip is the male version of a nip, where as when a woman, most likely a celebrity, has a nip slip, a guy would have a mip slip. Usually occurs with guys that like to wear open shirts or fishnet shirts.
"Hey, check out the flamer with the fishnet shirt. He just had a mip slip, and he doesn't even know it."
by ACATER June 30, 2006
4 26
Term used when a person has their eyes set on a specific person in which they want to mack. A MIP often means that everyone else should back off from progressing to Mack the girl.
Person A: You that girl is my MIP.
Person B: Werd? Alright I'll try to get you in good with her.
by Josh Impact March 05, 2006
3 25
Meaning Muthafucking dumbass and stupid with no feeling for others
Mentally Impaired Prick
by Kingy March 11, 2004
3 25
Masturbation In Process
"Sorry Mip Hold On"....What We're You Doing? Miping....Ok
by Reaper June 16, 2006
5 28
n., an acronym for 'mullet in progress'; a discreet method of mullet identification in public.
As you and your friend stop into the local convienience store for a slushie, you spot a tall, white and trashy gentleman sporting what appears to be a mullet. To notify your friend, without making it obvoious your making fun of the mullet, a quick 'mip' and a hand signal will let them know where to look to see the WT.
by Ms. Roxx January 02, 2004
13 37