Pressed MDMA. slightly different from rolls, which are ecstasy pills that are not as pure.
Dude: "yo, i got mints, you want some?"
other dude: "hell yeah, man. sounds like a good night to me!"
by mintmann February 18, 2011
Really awesome.
That guitar sounds f*****g mint!
by no name 666 October 12, 2003
An expression that, in terms of classifieds advertising, has lost all meaning.
Trying to sell my <item>, used only a few times... in mint condition!
by songj October 28, 2008
it is an alturnative word that means the same as cool, awesome,rad you get the point! it means the same but is supposed to be said when one is expressing higher coolness than those other words.
i think you're so MINT for helping me out like that!
or, that's so mint i want one!
by koda catastraphic July 10, 2008
means like thats good but instead say thats mint
(proper english)
that mint
sounds mint
by mike shinoda March 13, 2006
Specifically meaning (and sometimes legally) that the item is literally untouched by human hands.

The term comes from coins made at COIN MINTS which were dropped from the press directly into boxes for collectors and therefore never touched by human hands.

The meaning of the term "mint" is about as strict as the definition for the word "virgin."

In stretching the modern-day definition, it sometimes is valid to refer to an item which was purchased brand-new and unopened, but has been opened and checked but never used.

A further stretch is the use of "near-mint" which would still mean something possibly tested and used briefly but which still has no evidence of human handling or use.

It does NOT mean "looks like it's almost new." It does NOT mean anything to do with the herbal MINTS, as unfortunately assumed by many newer-generation mis-users of the term "mint."

It does NOT mean, in legal or historical use, anything to do with "looks cool" or "good" or "nice," as defined by other submissions on this website, on many ebay listngs and in common modern-day slang mis-use. That is sheer illiterate bastardization of the term.
"This camera is MINT condition, I opened it to see if it took the kind of storage-card that I use but it didn't, so I put it back in the box."

"This 40-year-old Gibson guitar has been in the closet since my grandfather won it in a contest, and other than a few playings it's nearly mint-condition."
by buggy October 03, 2007
1. Unexpectedly great; used as a response to new information
2. Very good; to describe
3. An exclaimation of happiness

Note: Pronounced "m-uh-nt". Say it quick . . . muhnt! Now drop the T sort of. Good job.
1. "Hey, I just bought a new car" "Really? That's Mint!"
2. "Holy christ, that girl's Mint!"
3. Just win the lottery? Shout "Mint!", then laugh maniacally.
4. This mint is 'Mint!'
by Gustof October 07, 2005
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