money; aromatic plant used to flavor candy and such; confections flavored with mint
"some people need to have a fuqin mint before they open ther stank ass mouth one more tym..."
by go2sleep bia September 24, 2003
to be perfect, ideal, satifying.
it would be mint if i were drunk right now.
by jackkkkkkk July 04, 2006
A word used in Northan England, meaning rather good. The word tends to be used by a scally but is also used when taking the piss.
1. I love doing nothing with my life, it is mint.
by .snow March 09, 2004
A Word used many times in one sentence by teens or young adults in baseball caps, as brain can not comprehend the use of other words to complement
i had mint day yesterday, met a mint girl as i was crusing in my mint car
and she had on one mint pair of tits
by Badmonkey August 22, 2003
Hardcore, Gangsta, the Shiz, what everybody is talking about.
Jerry: Did you like the new song the radio was just playing?
Mic: Yeah, that song was totally mint.
by That Wil Kid August 18, 2007
you say this if you think someting is really good/cool. mostly chavs or townies say mint.
normal person: "dude, i got a new phone!"
chav: "Wow thats fuckin mint man!"
by teke March 26, 2005
Beyond great, awesome, amazing, hot, fire, proper. The greatest!
The Jordan VI's are MINT!
by Troy Boy Mikey Z May 11, 2008

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