money; aromatic plant used to flavor candy and such; confections flavored with mint
"some people need to have a fuqin mint before they open ther stank ass mouth one more tym..."
by go2sleep bia September 24, 2003
it's another form of saying cool/sound/great

usually used by kids from de hood or packs of teenagers
Do u like my nike dunks ?
-Now dey are mint
by kp:P June 01, 2009
This word is used very often in the North East of England. Especially by teenagers on the streets and chavs. It's basically just used as a substitute for words meaning cool, class and ace.
thats proper mint that!

woahh man thats mint as!
by sophummz February 17, 2009
Noun - Someone of small stature and/or muscularity.Lacking size

Adjective - Minty

Antonym - Yoked

Matt you are a mint.
Get into the weight room you minty P.O.S
by AntiMint November 19, 2008
cold, incapable of emotions, emotionless, cold hearted
That bouncer was minty! He wouldn't let us into the show.

Dude 1: Hey man, share that pizza
Dude 2: Hell no. Get your own.
Dude 1: Damn, what a mint.
by Ashley Allie May 11, 2008
a million dollars

Like grand in reference to a thousand dolal
"He dropped a mint on that lamborghini!"
by Nullpersona December 02, 2006
Mint is a word to describe something that is both good & cool. It was invented by Anthony Pace in 1992.
That car is mint!
by Jimmyboy66 May 25, 2011
a large sum of money
Man, they spent a mint to get that car
by dencinias January 13, 2011

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