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The name of Oprah's vagina.
Oprah never takes the time to play with the ol' minge anymore.
by PikaPikaPika May 23, 2006
The female contingent of Pembroke College (Oxford) Boat Club.
The gym smells like minge.
by Gillies April 15, 2008
a portion of minge please with boiled rice and a side salad
by Christian Agbomson December 28, 2003
Term used between bro's to signify that one will return in a jiffy.
Catch you in a minge mate
by crimsonking March 11, 2012
a big hairy hole we all pass on the way to the light. also known as : bearded axe wound, flangita, pussy, cunt, ewoks nest
your mums got a saggy minge
by jimbob April 17, 2004
the shaggy or tufty hair around the vagina. The hair that is not shaven and is untidy.
Simon eats his Mothers minge for money to buy glasses so that teachers like him.

by Simon
by Simon Lawrence July 21, 2005
liam bostock
liam bostock is a minge
by picklebug September 02, 2009
Opras needy vagina.
Opra does not pay any attention to her minge.
by c0ldsweat April 23, 2006