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Fucking hot pornstar......
Someone - you know Amber Michaels..

Someone else - Yeah shes that fucking hot pornstar!
by Scattyman May 02, 2005
a device for storing ones twat while it is not in use...i.e. Knickers!!
"Now we've finished shagging i'll just slip my twat back in its hamock!
by Scattyman May 01, 2005
Term used to replace the word penis!
"Oh my what a large Twat Rod you have!!"
by Scattyman May 01, 2005
A dirty filthy pussy! the total opposite to a peach!

Notice the word MING in MINGe....
i went down on this bird she had a right minge, made me barf
by Scattyman May 02, 2005
Total Moron, that sacks his fellow band members for no real reason!!
Ben - Your fired
Other member - Why?
Ben - Cos i feel like it!!
by Scattyman May 01, 2005

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