The forest primeval in which is located the holiest of feminine sanctuaries
After a lifetime of futilely questing after enlightment, Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, abandoned all sense and hope and drowned himself in the carnal indulgence of his mum's MINGE.
by Princess Ragnhild of Norway March 04, 2003
The female genitals, a vagina
Can I feel your minge?
How big is your minge?
What does your minge look like?
Can I put my dick in your minge?
by Samwell December 22, 2004
An awesome word to shout out at Parties
1 2 3 Minge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by abkross February 05, 2004
A female who has a graduate degree from a university in engineering.

Masculine equivalent is Meng
e.g. Mrs Hirush has a Minge from Tokyo University
by Prof Bort November 05, 2007
A dirty filthy pussy! the total opposite to a peach!

Notice the word MING in MINGe....
i went down on this bird she had a right minge, made me barf
by Scattyman May 02, 2005
Used by myself and friends, as a replacement for any words forgotten by us, but are essencial in the sentance. Starting of as the definition of human hair extension, or 'minge extensions' this word has blossomed into every sentance use, and annoyance. Recently, the phrase 'minge' has been used as an insult, as in 'OMG you mingehole!'
1) Compliment:
"Such a pubilicious mingehead!"
"is my body too mingilicious for you babe?"

2) Insult:
"Right, you know what?! I'm gonna shave your minge in a minute and then you won't look fit!"
"Get your minge away from my face!!"

3) Everyday use:
"OMG you'll never guess who I minged last night!"
"Have you seen that girl's minge yet?! It's well fit, might have mine groomed like that!"
by LauraMINGE :) May 06, 2008
(UK slang) Sachet of stench; malodorous ooze zone; paternity trouble bucket; gay no-man's-land; smelly cachet of STD's; bloody-napkin holder; frontal farter.
Like a minge, the creature bled for five days but would not die.
by Viking November 11, 2003

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