the minge is the fur around the vagina, often it is thick and tufty though some people shave and trim it
i like furry minges, the furrier the better
by CameronG July 19, 2005
The historic market town of Godalming, Surrey
I'm off to the minge tomorrow for the antiquarian books
#minge #godalminger #surrey #godalming #market
by googywithers December 15, 2013
The Tobacco Pouch surrounding the Fem Beef
I had to pick her minge from between my teeth.
#tobacco pouch #muff #beard #pubes #beaver
by Ranceed January 27, 2010
The recreational part of a female. Often a minge will have hairs but more and more they are shaved in 'brazilian' fashion. Either way works for me.
I take whatever minge I can get
by Al Bundy August 28, 2003
A minge is a smelly disgusting vagina possibly smells like rotten eggs. If you are fucking a chick and smell rotten eggs run, run as far away as you can. If you get minge on your hand the only way to clean it off is with your tooth brush.
Minge is smelly and rotten
#minge #fucking #rotten eggs #smelly #mingey minge
by Dmarti20 June 25, 2015
to have a dirty smell coming from your downstairs area
max has a dirty minge
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by arabian death mask October 27, 2014
Street name. Specifically a lane in Upton upon Severn.
Minge Lane in Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire, England. You can see it in Multimap - search for Upton upon Severn
#minge #lane #upton #england #worcestershire #street
by Kenh May 04, 2007
The female contingent of Pembroke College (Oxford) Boat Club.
The gym smells like minge.
#flange #cunt #boat club #rowers #women
by Gillies April 15, 2008
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