Top Definition
some who is well ugly
u f***ing minge face, s*d off
by bitch ho November 09, 2003
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Some one who has hair growth on their face for example a goatee that has been preened as one might preen ones pubic hair.
Gav is a minge face!!!!!
by Sweetie! September 01, 2006
Offensive synonym for Cuntface but even more offensive (likely to be unbareable to your nan).
A pasta based welsh dish from the valleys.
Oi.... you mingeface

Alright you mingeface, do you fancy some mingeface.

mmmmmmmmeeeehhh nice smelling mingeface.
by Simon, DeSmet (Arthur) December 15, 2005
Harry White
Harry is a minge-face
by B-bong and stoned-steadily October 23, 2003

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