A reverse of the " Wing Man" theory whereby, one friend goes for the hot chick to distract her, so the other friend can work his charm on the not so hot but attainable girl of the pair.
My friend got ass got last night due to my minesweeping.
by postmyk May 10, 2004
Top Definition
The act of stealing, appropriating, or simply picking up an unattended drink, with the intention of aquiring it as your own.
I couldn't afford a drink so I scouted out the club and went minesweeping - I came back with two pints and a glass of something purple, with an octopus in it! Drank it anyway.
by Michaeltreman June 20, 2006
commonly used by poor male students across the u.k. who have little or no care about the possibility of contracting oral herpes, this is the act of loitering around an unattended drink, casually picking it up and making off with it as if it were your own.
guy 1 (with a pint of stella): mate, what the fuck you doing with that low cal blueberry flavoured bacardi breezer?
guy 2: been minesweeping. beggars can't be choosers.
by fooyung October 17, 2009
The act of going into a club and quickly realizing you don't have the money to pay for your next drink. So instead you resort to covertly stealing other peoples drinks that have been left unattended whilst praying not to hit a mine (taking a swig of an undesirable drink).

May be performed as a team one person acting as a buffer or shield for the drink whilst another distracts the target leaving the third person available for the drink steal.
Dude I have a lack of funds...want to go minesweeping.
by Jrean123 August 02, 2010
Can mean stealing peoples unattended drinks. But it's usually applied to the act of drinking left over drinks in a bar left by other customers in order to get intoxicated on the cheap. Usually done by people who are highly drunk or very poor. Or a mix of any of the above.
Quentin ran out of money, but wasn't quite ready to finish drinking. He mine swept the bar area for dregs until he was sufficiently watered. A group of revellers noticed Quentin mine sweeping and immediately coiled with disgust.
by C_B August 26, 2008
A fairly despicable habit originating in student bars in the UK. After the bar is shut, but while people are still in the venue, the more desperate alcoholic will go round collecting any half-full abandoned drinks he can find, and neck them without anybody noticing. The more drunk you get, the more likely it will be that you drink out of a glass that someone's used as an ashtray. Another possibly hazard is rohypnol.
Tom: Hey buddy where d'you get those drinks from -the bar shut half an hour ago?
Dick: Oh I just went minesweeping round those tables at the back.
by housecat December 20, 2004
The act of looking for full, untouched alcoholic beverages after the bar has already closed.
After the crew bar had closed, Matt couldn't wait to start mine-sweeping to keep his buzz going.
by Jeremy V. May 31, 2007
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