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2 definitions by Michaeltreman

The act of stealing, appropriating, or simply picking up an unattended drink, with the intention of aquiring it as your own.
I couldn't afford a drink so I scouted out the club and went minesweeping - I came back with two pints and a glass of something purple, with an octopus in it! Drank it anyway.
by Michaeltreman June 20, 2006
The verb to describe an effect (generally negative) that results from the conversion of a 2D film in to a 3D, whereby aspects of the scene whilst having an overall sense of depth, appear more like cardboard cut-outs rather that fully depthed objects.
The effect is created by the way the rotascope 'slices' the image in to its respective 3D elements, finer slices create more depth.
I did enjoy Burton's Alice movie, but at times the cardboarding was distracting.
by michaeltreman April 02, 2010