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To "minesweep" is to wander through a location where people are drinking, such as a bar or a party, and drink the partially-finished beverages that people abandoned.
I'm low on money this week, but I still want to get drunk, so lets go minesweep that crowded college bar.
by XiP November 11, 2005
1. a state of extreme tiredness caused by performing fellatio until the point of exhaustion.
2. a state of extreme tiredness caused by eating too much sausage, bratwurst, hot dogs, or other phallicly-shaped meats.
"That girl sucked my dick for so long she's passed out on the bed in a sausage coma."


"Man, I just ate 8 brats. I'm going into a sausage coma."
by XiP August 15, 2008
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