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A fairly despicable habit originating in student bars in the UK. After the bar is shut, but while people are still in the venue, the more desperate alcoholic will go round collecting any half-full abandoned drinks he can find, and neck them without anybody noticing. The more drunk you get, the more likely it will be that you drink out of a glass that someone's used as an ashtray. Another possibly hazard is rohypnol.
Tom: Hey buddy where d'you get those drinks from -the bar shut half an hour ago?
Dick: Oh I just went minesweeping round those tables at the back.
by housecat December 20, 2004
Magic or sorcery that involves machines and technology in its use or effects. Common uses include making something that was irreparably damaged continue to work properly or boosting a machine's efficiency and performance to past its technical limits.
Even with his extensive training in technomancy, Caderyn could not get the ancient device to operate.
by Housecat January 16, 2004
1. In Ultimate Frisbee, the throw that starts play at the start of the game or after a goal has been scored.

2. To make this throw.
1. That was a nice pull.

2. Okay, who's gonna pull?
by Housecat January 03, 2004
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