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A beat-driven, whiney techno-punk band from NYC who gets in your head and doesn't get out. Their live shows are great.
Yo, I got that Mindless Self Indulgence CD! It's got 30 tracks yet manages to still be under an hour!
by whippy October 07, 2003
1.) To masturbate
2.)Forget Blink 182-3- and 4, Mindless Self Indulgence (MSI as they are known to their loyal fans) is a punk band in its truest form whose name manifests itself during their incendiary live shows. Their music is a hybrid of Atari driven electronics with a venomous splash of A.D.D Punk Rock. MSI is the breath of fresh air that is sure to offend your p.c. restrained, category demanding, humorless peers.
I totally msi'd last night. it was great
ORRR That msi show last night was better then masturbating, or even real sex. I kissed Jimmy Urine for only a dollar!
by liberty May 06, 2004
the greatest band in the world, that is all you need to know.
"Mindless Self Indulgence rocks my socks off"

"If it were not for MSI, i wouldnt know how to spell indulgence"

"Let me burn your mindless self indulgence cd"

"Jimmy cought my lighter"
by Bill+Pot=High March 08, 2004
a band from NYC whos members constantly yell in the faces of old people and stomp on babies.
Mindless Self Indulgence is so cool, they would fuck your mom.
by booger August 17, 2003
techno industrial pussy-punk! at least the lead singer (urine) calls it that! They are absolutly brilliant live and they are what all the cool retards aare listening to so buy there CD so they can buy another can of soup!!!
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
Best band ever techno metal stuff and a hot bassist
Yo msi is the best band ever it will own your face.
by MSI owns your face July 08, 2004
A band that is classified under their own name and that of which is evil yet delicious. the left rights are a part of the consits of Little Jimmy Urine, Kitty, Steve Righ? and Lyn-Z..very awesome.
I wish that the band Mindless Self Indulgence would come back to Norfolk so I can fuck Jimmy Urine
by Fairy of the Mushroom June 03, 2004
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