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3 definitions by whippy

A beat-driven, whiney techno-punk band from NYC who gets in your head and doesn't get out. Their live shows are great.
Yo, I got that Mindless Self Indulgence CD! It's got 30 tracks yet manages to still be under an hour!
by whippy October 07, 2003
the king, king con; aka 'condom' or 'connie'. a seriously disturbed young man, with deep seeded emotional issues, but the only guy you'd want to ever get stuck in the shire with.
me an con chen we are droogies yeah
by Whippy June 08, 2004
a dystopic hole in the ground, ful of ignorance and pathetic culture
i also got stuck in the shire, i feared for my sanity
by Whippy June 08, 2004