MSI mindless self indulgence. Electro Snark Punk. Jimmy urine-singer Steve righ?-guitarist Lin-Z-Bassists 'oh so hott' Kitty-drummer. The music is amazing, truely amazing. They are the most Un-talented musicians taht are awsome at it. They are amazing live, Steve continuously asks the crowd to spit on his face. Jimmy tends to wipe his ass with stuff and hands it to the crowd, and occasionaly jacks off during the masturbate song. Their mosh pits are now definded by me as the Death not enter unless your insane.
"MSI will make you Wicked Gay"

"This song is the song that will get all the goth girls to fuck me"

"Here sell my ass juices on ebay"

"Yo yo yo who you calling a faggot? When your out gay bashing i'll be at your house...fucking your the ass!"
by Juju Jesus P. April 30, 2005
There are 2 definitions of this word:

1.) -a band whose members include Little Jimmy Urine(lead singer), Kitty(drummer), Steve, Righ?(guitarist), Lynn Z(bassist), and formerly Vanessa Y.T.(bassist). They sound like punk rock, techno, and rap all mixed together and describe their music as "industrial jungle pussy punk".
as if their parental advisory-labeled lyrics aren't controversial yet wicked crazy-awesome enough, their shows have involved Jimmy setting his dick on fire, drinking his own pee, making out with girls and guys in the crowd, ect. The cds you will most likely be able to find are "You'll Rebel to Anything(As Long as it's not Challenging)", Frankenstein Girls will Seem Strangly Sexy", and "Tight". In my opinion, THEY FUCKIN ROCK!!!

2.) -the act of masturbating (which is probably how the band got their name.)
I practice a mindlessly self indulgent mindless self indulgence. I have mindlessly self indulged many times before. In fact, I mindlessly self indulged just last night. I will mindlessly self indulge tommorrow, too, because I mindlessly self indulgently mindlessly self indulge everyday. I am mindlessly self indulging right now over my favorite band, Mindless Self Indulgence.
by olalola January 01, 2006
one of the best punk/breakbeat industrial bands ever. known for lives shows where in some cases Jimmy Urine (singer) pisses on himself and makes out with the crowd
im going to the MSI show this friday and i hope Jimmy pisses on my face
by pete December 15, 2003
Greatest fucking band ever with the most hottest bassist ever. (See: Lyn Z). We're getting married.
MSI is tighter than a 12 year old pussy.
by Dyyyyke... December 30, 2004
The urge to touch one's self. To please your naughty bits mindlessly.
I made sweet love to Jimmy Urine and now I'm gonna Mindlessly Indulge Myself. *fingers anus rapidly*
by Steve, Righ? May 12, 2003
Best band in... New Jersey although they are not from New Jersey, they are the best band in new jersey, i love em
Jimmy urine from MSI is the shit
by Matt Allen July 08, 2003
the absofuckinglutely only band on earth that can give thousands of people from all over the world an orgasim, mindgasm, and bowlgasm at the same time...insane
when susan heard Mindless Self Indulgence for the first time, she lost control of all bodily functions, woke up days later and had this to say...MSI RULES
by dreamer8402 April 16, 2009
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