good band to get high to.... no doubt, plus hot bassist lyn z and one crazy muther fucking lead singer named jimmy urine who does some fuckd up shit on stage involving his dick.
eh man, lets blaze up and put on some mindless self indulgence (msi)
- good idea.
by JDisME February 18, 2008
1) The definition of Television.

2) A kick ass band.
1) "Yo, Im gonna go watch some t.v." "That shits mindless self indulgence, dawg."

2) "Hey! Who wants to go to the MSI concert with me in two months?!?!"
by Emily, Yeah? March 28, 2008
soundtrack to the life of a tormented suburban cry baby. Hell yeah... I love it!
....none needed
by Alex November 18, 2003
One of the worst bands ever. They are an absolutely shitty band from NYC, with absolutely shitty lyrics. (I've been denied all the best ultra sex. I... I tried to consume just like a super faggot. I got some dude. how can y'all give a mutha fucka something so good he couldn't say no you nailed me hard.) Their lead singer is a whiny bitch, and all of their songs are about getting laid, dicks, and vaginas.

Their fans all claim they are one of the most original bands ever, which is absolute bull shit.
Bob: Hey John, check out this band. They're called Mindless Self Indulgence. They're this totally original punk band from NYC.

Next day

John: I listened to that CD. What the fuck was that shit? It sucked dick. Go listen to Radiohead, you simple minded fool.
by RADIOHEAD FAN 123 September 11, 2009
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