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the absofuckinglutely only band on earth that can give thousands of people from all over the world an orgasim, mindgasm, and bowlgasm at the same time...insane
when susan heard Mindless Self Indulgence for the first time, she lost control of all bodily functions, woke up days later and had this to say...MSI RULES
by dreamer8402 April 16, 2009
It is when your mind is so stimulated, (usually by visual pleasures) that you begin to 'freak out'...have a mindgasm
All of the pretty colors and insane out-of-this-world music caused a mindgasm
by dreamer8402 April 08, 2009
This is a special kind of relationship, between two long distant people, who have never met in person...usually starting with normal conversation and ending with duel masturbation. On rare occasions it is only a masturbation (phone sex) session. Sometimes only a weekend type of deal.
Steven and Susan are phone friends, they share phone relations.
by dreamer8402 April 16, 2009
when a person becomes so excited, frightened, startled, or starts completely freaking out, and it causes all of the feces in the bowel to shoot out with excesive force.
when steven listend to MSI, he had an instant bowelgasm.

i scared amanda so bad last night, she lost control and had a bowelgasm!
by dreamer8402 April 16, 2009
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