a term used to describe someone who is trying to do as little work as possible at any given time relative to the amount and type of work he or she should be doing. a mincer can plan a 'mince' in advance as well as 'mincing' spontaneously. a mince or mincer is usually the first to tell a fellow colleague off for mincing themselves. mincing is the art of avoiding any form of work.
"alright Bruce",
"alright Ben",
"where's Adam?"
"he's on a bit of a mince"
"that lazy cunt"
"what do you expect, he's a fat mincer"
by Benjamin 'benski' Tomkinson September 19, 2003
A mincer is someone who goes clubbing on weekends and get some sort of joy in trying to pick up drunk straight guys. If they are rejected a mincer can sometimes get hostile
'That matt guy was cracken on to me last night bro'
'course he was that kids a mincer'
by Max-Felix October 10, 2006
A mincer is one who is a general enthusiast or practitioner of MINCECORE. Mincecore is a word to describe Grindcore (an offshoot of metal/punk music) which is heavily influenced by the Belgian band Agathocles. Mincecore often has raw production, leftist socio-political lyrics, and overall sounds very 'oldschool' and minimalist.
1) Have you heard Archagathus? Those guys are total mincers!!
2) I saw a greasy guy today with long hair, he was a real mincer.
by Prince of Mince November 23, 2008
Someone who can turn even the tinyest of tasks into a full scale military operation.

Someone who makes a mountain out of a mole hill.
Michael Lasseter
by Greg Rusedski July 27, 2003
Another name for minstrel, healer in MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). Some take it offensive to be called mincer instead of ministrel.
LFF: 5/6 quest-name need a mincer.
LFF: sorry m8 i'm not wearing pink :p
by paranoi August 14, 2008

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