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Acting like a total bender 100% of the time.
Hosker always wore tights under his jeans, he's a total mincer.
by abcde12345 December 07, 2005
a mincer is a man who likes nothing better than putting his feet up on a sunday afternoon while some bloke sits on his cock
Dude did you notice how ryan always likes to bare his arse to blokes? I reckon he's a grade A mincer.
by Mu Lin November 14, 2004
A man who is extremely camp. Not necessarily gay, but definitely exhibiting tendencies towards the feminine. Primarily slang used in England.
Look at that bloke, he's a real mincer.
by Atropos September 10, 2005
Eyes. Abbreviation for mince pies; Cockney Rhyming Slang for eyes.
Use yer mincers.
by OnLineJones September 22, 2009
Freakishly small feet, especially on a male.
"Look at the mincers on that dude!" or "Why can't you just get on your mincers and prance away from me."
by Nannerama April 08, 2010
A man who behaves in an extremely effeminate manner all the time whilst refusing to accept that they look in any way camp.
You know that Chris Allen? What a terrible mincer he is....

I know, minces around like he's constantly on the Bourneville Boulevarde and claims it's his natural gait. What a mincer.
by JimtheBullet April 30, 2008
To be 'on the wrong bus', Gay as fuck!
Yeah, he wears flip-flops, sandals AND shorts. What a mincer!
by morphinemitt April 28, 2008