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British slang for 'cock' that only Amry hasn't heard about.
Amry is a Mimz
by Earl Of Scurvy July 18, 2006
a world full of trees.
hey lets go to mimz.
by ImSmokeyTheBear September 06, 2011
Mimz is the plural of 'mim' which is a word only availiable in plural because a girl can not have a 'mim' she can only have 'mimz'
mimz means facial hair (mono brow, moustache, beard)
Man 1: Hey, that girl is fit!
Man 2: No way, have you seen her mimz
Man 1: oh my god, i hadn't noticed! ouch her mimz are pretty bad!
by ediblepixiewithbigfeet March 13, 2009
an elderly woman; tends to be widowed who is sweet and gentle but has terrible body odor, stinking breath and greasy hair.
she is lovely from a distance but up to close is deadly.
oh my god! there is such a MIMZ over there: no wonder everyone is giving her such a wide berth!! lol
by hunnybunny783lickedylick July 27, 2009