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Adjective derived from comic book author Frank Miller, Millerized denotes having been rendered darker and grittier, especially applicable when needlessly so.
A: Hey did you see that new remake?

B: Yeah, much more grim than the original, it's been totally Millerized.
by Martin Russell Schmidt June 23, 2010
1 0
The act of getting pwned
"BAM you've been Millerized, BITCH!"
by mike February 24, 2005
28 19
A sensation which feels very similar to getting smoked in the balls with a frying pan covered in hot grease sensation
"Dude there's Jimmy, he just got Millerized, I heard he's totally sterile."

"Man I just got Millerized and my wang died and fell off! What am I gonna do?!?"
by Evan February 23, 2005
3 7