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verb - the act of having a proposed time pushed systematically out with the same, or similiar, excuse. Usually in 15 minute increments. Most often happens between the times of 8:30pm and 10:00pm EST.
"Hey steve, wanna play a game tonight?"
-"ya sounds, good. I'll be ready at 8:30"
8:30 arrives
"Steve you ready?"
-"ya just gotta do a few quick things, gimme till 8:45"
8:45 arrives
"alright steve"
-"ya just gotta eat something, i'll be ready at 9"

"millering" repeats until about 9:30-10:30pm upon the arrival at two conclusions

"jesus we were ready hours ago....we got fucking millered"
-"relax im here, let's go"


"steve its 10 o clock, wtf."
-"ya i got REALLY comfortable in this chair...i won't be playing after all"
"what the fuck, my night just got millered"
by Weres June 29, 2009

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