A sensation which feels very similar to getting smoked in the balls with a frying pan covered in hot grease sensation
"Dude there's Jimmy, he just got Millerized, I heard he's totally sterile."

"Man I just got Millerized and my wang died and fell off! What am I gonna do?!?"
by Evan February 23, 2005
Top Definition
The act of getting pwned
"BAM you've been Millerized, BITCH!"
by mike February 24, 2005
Adjective derived from comic book author Frank Miller, Millerized denotes having been rendered darker and grittier, especially applicable when needlessly so.
A: Hey did you see that new remake?

B: Yeah, much more grim than the original, it's been totally Millerized.
by Martin Russell Schmidt June 23, 2010
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