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Derived from the movie "There Will Be Blood." A weak, simple-minded and inferior person. A person who is easily beaten, outclassed and/or a general failure.
1. My lazy wife won't get a job... she's a fucking milkshake!!

2. I went to the local NRA meeting last week; I've never seen so many redneck milkshakes.
by retiredtk July 05, 2008
8 26
A BLOWJOB!!!!!!!!
Fellatio Head
That's it!, Just another word for a BJ!

Made popular by some whiny slut on the "stupid box" (TV).
It is a conversation between Kelis (Proud slut) and wanna-be sluts.

"My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."
- My Blowjobs are so good, all the guys want one from me.

"And they're like, it's better than yours."
- And the guys say, the way I (Kelis) suck a dick, is better than how you (wanna-be sluts) can suck a dick.

"Damn right it's better than yours"
- Of course I can suck a dick, I'm a Top Slut!!

"I could teach you, But I have to charge"
- I 'll tell you how, but you'll owe me FOREVER! (See Andy Dick in Old School for proper reference to BJ classes)

"I see you're on it
You want me to teach thee
Techniques that freaks these boys"
- OK ready? First place penis head in mouth, Don't forget to gently massage the Ballz, they love that.

"It can't be bought
Just the thieves get caught
Watch if you're smart"
- Some may imitate me, but the guys know how much better their balls are in my mouf! So, pay attention!
by Jonny Unitas September 17, 2007
72 90
1.(n)-literally, a woman's buttocks, but not limited to that. Usually referred to when dancing or similar activity. Popularized by the singer Kelis, it is widely used today. Can refer to : vagina, feet, buttocks, any part of face, thighs, etc.(Any thing a woman thing will entice a man)
Hannah slowly rubbed her milkshake as she danced, and several men came to dance with her.
by brandon marks April 04, 2007
4 22
Shakes made out of milk and other things.
Person: "I want a shake made out of milk and other things. I think I will make a milk shake."
by Evil October 18, 2003
3 25
Having sex with a woman from behind while she is breast feeding a baby or another adult.
I gave the wife a Milk Shake while she was feeding the kid.
by joneebravo June 08, 2009
8 33
in the kelis song ''my milk shake brings all the boys to they yard.'' it really means her blow job brings all the boys to the yard coz milk shake is when a girl give u a blowjob u gets the cum and froths it up in her mouth meaning milk shake
''my milk shake brings all the boys to they yard.''
by Pun February 23, 2005
73 97
The things you do/say, the way you move, or the way you act, to attract males: see mojo
You wish your milkshake worked as well as mine
by Freddie January 29, 2004
19 43