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A prank where someone throws a milkshake out of a moving vehicle and it lands onto a pedestrian. It can happen anywhere, to anyone, and can involve any type of milkshake (variation includes flavor, brand, or consistency of the shake). Generally, it occurs late at night when people are heavily intoxicated and see people just walking on a sidewalk. The passenger in the shotgun seat on the vehicle is generally the person who throws the shake. It leads to sticky legs, dirty clothes, and loss of self-esteem.
I went running last night around the campus and got milkshaked by some random drunks. Now, I have to wash my running clothes and shoes!
by Teddybearsock July 16, 2013
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When a girl rubs her large boobs against your chest while dancing.
See that girl with the double D's? She totally milkshaked all over me.
by mree February 07, 2010
To work towards or experience orgasm
"I totally milkshaked this bitch for like an hour dood"

"OMG, I just milkshaked in my pants"
by circusdildos July 11, 2005
A friend zoned version of a booty call. When a female friend calls you at any hour to bring her a milkshake or other miscellaneous treat.
"Hey man, when are you going to get to the party?"
"Sorry, I got milkshaked by Emily again"
"Dude, you're so whipped, and she's not even putting out"
by Frederick Über ConKing June 09, 2013
getting hit with a milkshake
4 people walk down a side walk and get milkshaked
by Amy Jo September 11, 2006
When you have milkshaked, it means that you have reached climax (orgasmed)
Oh no, I just in milkshaked my pants.
by chels-a-line July 17, 2005
If you get milkshaked, it means you got tricked...basically...

Its kinda like replacing "tricked"...
Dave: Look over there, a cow!
Simon: Where? I don't see one
Dave: HA milkshaked
by James July 08, 2004

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