oral sex, most commonly used when a female drinks through a straw, in other words, a man's penis but also from a mans point of view.
1. We took our clothes off, we went into 69 and I drank a milkshake through his straw.
2. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
3. Shake it - Metro station.
by SweetMilkshake July 20, 2009
1. an ice cream drink.

2. boobs.

3. a very specific sexual act. First, the man announces that he is going to perform a "milkshake" while being blown. He then proceeds to knock his partner out by hitting her in the temple with his cock. Finally, he drops a deuce and jizzes in her mouth, squishes her cheeks around, and the partner swallows the resulting product.
"I think it's time for a MILKSHAKE!"
by t-bone hamption July 07, 2009
When a girl gives a guy a handjob. The action is remarkably similiar to 'shaking' and the result is milk. Hence, a 'Milk Shake'.
'Missy Eliot's Milk Shakes bring ALL the boys to the yard'
by Lucien Vaucluse May 01, 2006
A WONDERFUL DRINK!!! somthing sang about in a song my Kelis called "My Milkshake"
I love when people sing about food like OMFGBBQ!
by fuuon May 30, 2005
It's a fucking milkshake. Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk, and a syrup of choice. Usually chocolate for me. Mixed together into one delicious drink. Nothing perverted mama!
We just had a delicios milkshake from Wally's Drive in!
by Jason Chisholm May 01, 2007
When a Guy cums in a girl she shakes her ass up and down to shake it and then guy or another girl sucks it back out,
I was with these 2 girls last night and amy did a milkshake for jenn
by PhillyBoy5898 July 10, 2008
(1) Male ejaculate.

(2) The milk jugs as they jiggle,
while the booty does it's wiggle.
Hey, Baby! You want a large fry to go with that Milk Shake?
by Peter Crammer May 04, 2006

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