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2/3 ice cream, 1/3 milk, place in blender, mix, serve chilled
strawberry milk shake
by dude December 31, 2003
A magical device that brings all the boys to the yard.
I'm lonely so imma make myself a milkshake.
by naaadine May 11, 2014
after any type of sexual activity when the male cums in the girls mouth then slaps her causing all the semen to spew all over the place like when you make a milkshake and take the top off the blender before turning it
Olivia got a milkshake after makeup sex
by immapotboii January 05, 2014
A ghetto handjob or blowjob.
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
by YippeeKayay June 21, 2013
When a man has finished ejaculating and is shaking his penis to get out the last drop of cum.
After receiving a blowjob, the man had a milkshake.
by RoVo July 11, 2013
The sexual act of oral intercourse, when the man ejaculates the woman takes the cum into her mouth swishing it around to create a foamy consistancy before spitting it into the man's mouth.
man: "Do you want to give me a milkshake?"

woman: "shaken or blowjob?"
by Mrs. Figgywiggins November 05, 2011
The act of when a Male is about to ejaculate sperm. Then a Female take's a drinking straw, and the Female put's the drinking straw in to the hole of the Male's penis. Then the Female put's her mouth around the drinking straw, and the Female drink's, and swallow's any liquid that come's out of the Male's Penis (The liquid from the Male's penis that the Female drink's, and swallow's is usually the Male's ejaculated sperm.) The Female drink's, and swallow's until the Male, and Female have reached their desirable pleasure. Then the Male, and Female are finished.
Hey Person, I gave a Female a 'Milkshake'.
by Chris Kogtane January 04, 2011