A milkshake is a black person who pretends as if they is white. It's as if they are almost entirely made up of vanilla ice cream, but have just a littleeeeee bit of chocolate syrup that makes them a different color.
Brandon: "I love going to New Kids on the Blocks Concerts!" (as he's dancing and singing)

Me: "Wow, Brandon. You are such a milkshake! You act whiter than me and I'm 100% c-a-u-c-a-s-i-a-n."
by Joey McIntyre February 22, 2011
A magical device that brings all the boys to the yard.
I'm lonely so imma make myself a milkshake.
by naaadine May 11, 2014
The act of when a Male is about to ejaculate sperm. Then a Female take's a drinking straw, and the Female put's the drinking straw in to the hole of the Male's penis. Then the Female put's her mouth around the drinking straw, and the Female drink's, and swallow's any liquid that come's out of the Male's Penis (The liquid from the Male's penis that the Female drink's, and swallow's is usually the Male's ejaculated sperm.) The Female drink's, and swallow's until the Male, and Female have reached their desirable pleasure. Then the Male, and Female are finished.
Hey Person, I gave a Female a 'Milkshake'.
by Chris Kogtane January 04, 2011
oral sex, most commonly used when a female drinks through a straw, in other words, a man's penis but also from a mans point of view.
1. We took our clothes off, we went into 69 and I drank a milkshake through his straw.
2. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
3. Shake it - Metro station.
by SweetMilkshake July 20, 2009
Milk-shake is the art of motorboating a pregnant woman while she is lactating on your face.
Did you play the bongos? did you milk-shake her? you did didn't you!? you milk-shaking son of a bitch. you old sailor you!
by MuscleMilitia July 09, 2009
after any type of sexual activity when the male cums in the girls mouth then slaps her causing all the semen to spew all over the place like when you make a milkshake and take the top off the blender before turning it
Olivia got a milkshake after makeup sex
by immapotboii January 05, 2014
when a girl is giving a boy head & the cum in is in her mouth and she swishes it in her mouth and then feeds it to the boy.
she made me a nice milkshake!
by dicksucker59867097 February 11, 2011
A sexual interaction. The person puts some kind of flavouring in their mouth, it can be any kind (e.g Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry). They then suck their partners nipple until they start to get milk
Note: This requires more effort and determination when being performed on a man.
This is a milk shake, however it may taste better if the milk and flavouring is mixed. This can be done by shaking ones head between your partners breasts (a motorboat).
Examples include:
"She gave me a taste of her milk shake last night"
"We made a milkshake"
"Her milkshake tasted good"
"Mitchell Colwell wants to taste Grace Collis's milkshake"
by Milkshakes are nice May 18, 2010
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