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short for michael,

he does not like being called this however but mikey is acceptable but only by Belle,to anyone else its Mike.
A sex god by all definitions.And Although very sexy,He can be quiet and nerdy at times, but that is all part of what makes him special.

he is honest and caring and has the most amazing penis. His friends wish they could please women like he does, he makes his girl almost break the sound barrier!!! He's super smart cute funny and sexy. a really awesome guy
Mike isn't available for just ANYONE. A Mike must be placed with a Belle,When placed with that special someone there will be sparks!
If you are lucky enough to find a mikey hold on tight with both hands and never let him go or you will regret it forever.
Guy:hey mikey!
Mikey:Dude .. just no its mike.

Guy1: mike, what is your secret, how do you get all the girls?
Guy2: yeah mike, how do you do it?
Mikey: well im sorry i can't teach what comes naturally ;)
by whistlers daughter April 25, 2013
a beautiful boy with blond hair green/blue eyes. not afraid to do silly things in public and will make you laugh. a lovely boy who likes cuddles and is very affectionate <3
perosn 1: 'omg, he's soooo beautful!'
person 2: 'he's a real mikey'
by ilikepenguins November 16, 2010
a passive, chill, but lazy boy. he's kind of like a sloth, but he's funny sometimes.
"Yo, I think Mikey is gonna come through."

"The sloth? Eh, alright."
by swagmeisterjones May 09, 2012
Mikey can be used in a variety of ways.
This word is derived from the 'buckys' of Grandville. Also known as the buckets of Grandville or simply known as the crackheads on the block.
The reason the word or name 'Mikey' is substituted for the word bucket, crackhead or simply bucky is because a large population of the crackheads birth given names are Mikey.
Mikey is also used as a Noun for crackheads in the Grandville area in Hamilton, ON.
It can also be used as an adjective.
Used as a Noun: "Yo. That Mikey over there trippin'. We aint made a sale from him in a minute."

Used as an Adjective: "You being a fuckin' Mikey right now."

Another Adjective: "I'm Mikeying the fuck OUT off this weed mane. This shit is crazy."
by Mikey Mikester January 05, 2011
A person that can be a douche bag sometimes. Usually very muscular.
A Mikey almost always has either a giant cock or a small cock.
Usually a male

P.S. usually uses the word slut and whore. Occasionally will use the word slor.
Damn, that nigga look like he could qualify to be a Mikey!
by ILfdsak June 08, 2011
a cool, awesome, straight guy. but somtimes he acts a little gay. he is absolutely amazing, however it is a proven fact that 94% of all men named mikey have small to average size penis's (5-6 in) . hes not that good in bed. amateur, goes to soon. but romantic none-the-less.
girl 1: did you have fun ?

girl 2: no he was a Mikey.
by hedley566 February 03, 2010
A dude who is all talk and thinks he's a bamf and always right but isn't.
"My friend was telling me this insane story about how he got in trouble with the cops and then his sister later informed me all it was was a parking ticket"
"Dude that sounds like something Mikey would do!"
by sharona ohmeohmy August 21, 2009
fucking retard. white supremisist. fuckin faggot. has clan cookouts. racist asshole.
racist asshole, mikey
by not a racist asshole January 08, 2010