Some lame ass being a holdout who's always dry never packs it mooches and always is broke.
Your sitting in your circle passing it around and there is always that one guy, the guy that gets it's and doesn't refill it, that guy is the Mikey aka Mikey Holdout.
by SensiStar420 June 30, 2009
Mikey a short jewish kid wich thinks he can skate board also thinks he's the shit,brags about dimeisa liking him and just lurks around dj and thomas and takes all your songs .
thomas: lets go skate

dj: okaiii

mikey: im comin too
by shortiidemii August 10, 2009
Someone who is bad at mathematics.
Ava= What's was answer to number 3 in the test?
Alicia= I don't know, but why don't you ask Mikey?
Ava= Are you kidding?! Everyone knows he's hopeless!
Mikey= Oi! It's not my fault i'm bad at maths!
by Jerry Nom Only September 07, 2008
has a stupid little red car, who thinks hes a badass who gets hard nipples a lot and usually has a tiny penis.
Girl: where's it at?

Mikey: heres a microscope.
by if you seek amy March 18, 2009
a little bitch, wimp, and/or pussy who sleeps in his mom's bed

mama's boy
dude jim in american pie is such a mikey
by Gemaco555 August 30, 2008
To be retarded, have red hair and smell like fish.
Mikey's hair is orange, therefore he is a ranga
by FELICIA ^^ March 17, 2007
A shit that smells extremely bad and may not clear up.
Dude, you fucking laid a fat Mikey in my goddamn bathroom!!
by Johnny D-nell April 16, 2008

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